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The King of Bathroom Hygiene


Wouldn't you agree 'Family is Everything'? I'm pretty sure your friends have let you down in the past. I know mine have, big time! And friends I considered very dear for over 30 years... Always helping them out, threw thick and thin... Never asking for...

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England’s Agonising Defeat to Croatia in Moscow

I guess it all came down to the all too familiar for millions of England fans… Not knocked out on penalties… But all down to the ifs and buts… The Three Lions goal to reach our first World Cup final since 1966 came to an emotional end last night in Moscow....

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Amazon Beating On Their Customers Again?

hear Amazon is in the news again for all the wrong reasons… This time it's not about them crafting sneaky ways to avoid tax, and not even about them mistreating their workers… This time they are mistreating their CUSTOMERS! I’ll...

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