Well, we did some research, we read many pages with tips on what to write for our first post, we had a bunch of meetings to discuss as a team and numerous ideas flew about the office.

So basically, here goes!!

Welcome Everyone to The Bum Gun Blog!!

1. Who is The Bum Gun Ltd?

We are The Bum Gun and are the suppliers of what we think is one of the greatest inventions in our time: The Bum Gun Bidet Sprayer. Sure, we all love the gadgets everyone feels they could never do without these days, alla iPhone etc. But I’ve always thought what we do a lot of in life, we must master and enjoy.

Bedtime: We sleep a lot, right? Well, maybe not enough, but we still head for bed every evening. So we must have a comfortable, decent bed. Not some u shaped, dodgy mattress, and rock hard pillow.

Going to the toilet: We all head to the little room too, multiple times per day. Sometimes just for a pee, but a minimum once for a no.2, often more. This business grew out of hating the pain and discomfort of having to use toilet paper.

From an early age of having savlon rubbed on the tender bits to soothe the pain, to the wild drinking sessions and hot curry nights of teens and youth, toilet paper was always a far from happy experience.

Then one day I came across a hand held bidet sprayer during a holiday in Asia, and was struck by its simplicity and fantastic function. My days of pain were solved!!

I never knew its proper name, ‘squirty gun’ didn’t sound right, but The Bum Gun just felt like its natural name.

2. The Bum Gun Mission

The Bum Gun has upgraded my life immensely, and it is a mission of our company to give as many people as possible that same upgrade. ‘Comfort and Hygiene’ are major factors when going to the loo. No one wants pain, and everyone needs to be hygienic for a whole host of benefits.

The Bum Gun Blog and The Bum Gun website will provide relevant information regarding The Bum Gun bidet sprayers. But also health, hygiene, fitness, diet, nutrition, general well being & tons more!!.

Please check back to The Bum Gun Blog often and feel free to send us any feedback to info@thebumgun.com


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